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Downtime is how a charater's time is spent inbetween BPNs. Out of character, training skills and buying equipment should be done here, as well as monthly outgoings when they come around. Other things such as hospital treatment, Karma surgery, and anything else which would otherwise disrupt a BPN should generally be restricted to downtime. As well as this, though, characters can be productive during their downtime. Making money, publicising themselves, or just resting are all viable ways of spending their time.


If a character doesn't specify any actions during downtime is is assumed that they have just been chilling out inbetween BPNs. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the character will be benefit from a reduction in their stress levels depending on their lifestyle, as well as a chance of reducing their stress further. For every two days in a row a character spends at leisure, they get to make a stress check as they would for a Potential Stress roll. If the roll is passed then they recover a point of stress.


A character may, if they like, run a couple of Blue BPNs during their downtime. Generally they will be non-taxing and bag the character 50c/day and a .1 SCL increase. However, every now and then something may go wrong. A GM may play out a Blue BPN which has interesting potential should they choose, and the character may find themselves making less profit than they thought. Be warned, run more than a couple at a time and this GM will put something nasty in one.


Characters with an eye for corporate bureaucracy can spend some of their downtime dabbling on the stocks. Business package Operatives may have opted to do this passively as a monthly event, but by sacrificing three days of downtime they may bring forward the monthly report and potentially reap profits (or losses) early. This is done in exactly the same way as, and is done in addition to, the monthly reports. Note that this can only be done with those with a trade license (restricted to Business Package Operatives)


While nothing will change on their character sheet, a character may spend some time working their contacts. Spending a day dedicated to raising their profile with a particular individual may have the effect of raising their reputation with them, making them more useful in the future.


A character may choose to put themselves in the media spotlight in order to raise their public image. By spending an amount of days frequenting trendy clubs and restaurants, looking for media attention, the character gets a chance per day of first preventing their public image dropping that month, and then of raising it. The GM makes a roll per day plus the character's public image reputation, and a total of 20 or above will be counted as a success. Characters with the party or elegance lifestyles recieve a +1 to this roll. Only one increase during any one downtime is possible, and the player will not know the results. Be warned also that public image gained in this way may be a good way to suppliment fame garnered by actions on a BPN, but to be known exclusively by being a media whore will only damage a character's reputation with everybody else.