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Players take the role of Operatives. Ops, while technically freelance, take jobs only from SLA in the form of Blueprint News Files (BPNs). These jobs are colour coded to indicate the type of mission, and upon completion will provide the Op with payment and a Security Clearance Level (SCL) increase. The majority of the civilian population an Op meets will be downtrodden, poor, unemployed, and loyal to only themselves. They are suspicious of Operatives and jealous of their money and power, which can often be a hinderance in an investigation. This can be a severe disadvantage to obvious SLA employees, such as aliens and Stormers.



Billions of humans live in the World of Progress. They are the soldiers, the administrators, the cleaners, the police, the unemployed. They are the most versatile race in the World of Progress and as such are prolific. Humans are by far the most common race of Operative, not only because there are so many in proportion to the other races, but because they blend in and adapt. They can be intelligent, subtle, and nondescript. They can be tough, strong and brutal.

"You think I'm weaker than those aliens because I'm human? Let me tell you buddy, we're the dominant race here. Just because I'm not big and red, or because I don't grow back limbs, doesn't mean I'm not a damn good Op. I can take the head clean off a Dino from 800m away, fold down my rifle and walk into a gang bar like I'd been drinking there for years. You show me an alien that can do that."

Red Jones, Human, Point Package, SCL 8A.3


While physically human, Frothers have enhanced their bodies and reflexes through the use of powerful drugs. Loud, aggressive, cocky and rowdy, Frothers aren't the most social people to be found in Mort. They do make excellent fighters though, and SLA employ them regularly. Socially, Frothers form into close celt-like clans with whom they can relax (read: drink and fight) without the hassle of having people around who would almost certainly object to their behaviour. Their clans influence Frothers in much of their life, especially combat - many Frothers wear their tartan over their armour, sometimes even as kilts, and carry powered claymore swords. A Frother knows that before too long either the drugs or the combat will kill him, so they make a point of enjoying both and making it clear to everyone else they are doing so.

  • Be aware, in my house rules Frothers don't take half damage as stated in the main rule book. Instead they ignore bruising damage and negative modifiers from bleeding.

"You want someone to take into combat, you can't do better than one of us boys. Bigger, faster, stronger - and fucking fun to boot! I mean come on, every day's a party and I take my party to work baby! Sure, some people don't like us 'cos we're loud and crazy, but there's too many stuck up arseholes in this world. Still, the boring bastards at least have the manners to die when you hit 'em."

Malcolm "Fishy" McFish, Death Squad, SCL 10A.5


Ebons are a unique alien race, saved from oblivion by SLA because of their abilities. By using complex mathematical formulae they can visualize probabilities and then bring them into reality, using a force called The Ebb. They are assisted in this by their Deathsuits - symbiotic organisms created using The Ebb that act both as armour and as a complex computer for channelling their formulae into reality. The results of these formulae vary in power and effect, from healing cuts to regenerating limbs, lighting cigarettes to causing massive blasts. Ebons are characterised by their empathic and inquisative nature. They are highly emotional, thoughtful and poetic beings, always searching for meaning. Outwardly, they look almost human. Always slim and often attractive by human standards, they are recognizable by their hair and eyes, the colour of which varies wildly. An Ebon's eyes, their most distinctive feature apart from the Deathsuit that operatives are never without, are without iris or pupil and of uniform colour.

  • In my house rules an Ebon's Ebb ability rank is limited to twice their Formula statistic.

"There's a lot of evil in this world and a lot of evil people committing it. I might work for the Company, but that doesn't make me one of them. I do this job to try and make everyone's life a little better, and the Company might not always seem benevolent but I've seen the things that are out there and I know what horrors we'd all have to face without it."

Fallacy, Investigator, SCL 8.2

Brain Waster

Brain Wasters are from the same genetic stock as Ebons (indeed, often from Ebon parents), but psychologically are very different. Wasters are violent, antisocial and sadistic bullies who delight in causing pain and misery. They dress to enhance their reputation, usually wearing leather and chains. Unlike Ebons, Wasters generally have pure black hair and evil coloured eyes. Their eyes are further enhanced by the scorch marks that surround them from birth. Wasters have the same Ebb abilities as Ebons, but tend to choose more combat orientated ones that they can use to inflict damage, pain and fear.

"What did you say? What did you just ask me? How's about I reach down your throat and set you on fire from the inside, like an upside down human candle? Don't like that idea? Well leave me the fuck alone then before I turn nasty."

Inferno, Kick Murder, SCL 10A.2

Wraith Raider

Wraith Raiders are cat-like aliens who originate from an icy home world. They are efficient and ruthless hunters, equally at home with a sniper rifle or a pair of vibro claws. Their speed and agility make them perfect close combatants, and their stealth and athleticism make them excellent scouts. Raiders often seem like lone-wolves, frequently operating away from their squads as they observe proceedings from a rooftop or walkway, but as intelligent hunters they know the value of their team mates. As such, while rarely loyal or sociable, Wraith Raiders are generally welcome members of any squads and many a Frother or Brain Waster has endlessly taunted a quiet Raider companion, only to find their life saved by a sniper's bullet in the middle of combat.

"How do I feel about the people I killed? Well, which ones? The civilians who got in the way were a waste of my ammo and money. The DarkNight I took down should have known how to use cover better. Travis? Well I didn't shoot any of my own squad, but since the enemy hacked him to pieces I suppose I'm going to have to find another Frother to use as bait. I'll choose a better one this time."

Makra Shah, Scout, SCL7B.7


The Shaktar are an alien race of proud warriors. To a human they appear to be monsters, and with good reason - towering above even the tallest humans and thickly built, with blood-red reptilian skin, horns and yellow eyes, they can appear demonic. Fleshy dreadlock-like tendrils grow where hair would be on a human, and their odd, mandible-like lips add to their alien appearance. Many humans who are not too familiar with Shaktar are terrified of them, but in reality they are calm and meditative. All Shaktar live to fight in battle and die in combat, they will never retreat and never surrender for that is a sign of weakness and cowardice. They take care about why they fight though, to protect their honour or friends, or the company to which they have pledged their loyalty. A Shaktar will rarely enter a brawl - they fight to kill or not at all. Out of combat Shaktar are serious and introspective, concentrating on the task at hand or relaxing by meditating or deep thought.

"I came from my homeworld to fight for my honour and for SLA. My courage and strength will prove my worth to my forefathers, and will terrify and destroy my enemies. Many beings here on Mort can fight well, but few have the power and finesse of the Shaktar. "

Mgr'shrk, Death Squad, SCL 9B.3

Stormer 313

313 variant Stormers are huge, vat-grown monsters, created to fight for SLA Industries. Most are shipped to the War Worlds, but a few are released as Operatives. All Stormers are genetically programmed to be completely loyal to SLA, and to be oblivious to danger and personal risk. 313s are large and humanoid, their heads are long and animal-like and their lipless maws hold rows of large sharp teeth. They might well look fearsome - they are designed for battle and are very tough and very strong. Stormers also have the ability to regenerate quickly, recovering in hours from injuries that would kill lesser beings outright. Their temprament varies as a human's would, although they tend to be less extreme. Most are naive and almost child-like (hardly surprising, as most are only a few years old when they start working as an Op), looking to their peers for guidance and direction.

"Stormers big and tough. I like being Stormer. I pull arms off humans like you. Not you though, you not bad person. I only hurt bad people. Yesterday I pop bad man's head, it went pop like a melon. Hur hur hur. I like being Stormer."

Tortoise, Strike Squad, SCL 9A.1

Training Packages

Death Squad Package

The Death Squad package is designed to train an Op for an assault role. The training leans heavily toward firearms and combat related skills. Death Squad is a popular package, as every squad needs combat Ops and Death Squad is considered the most conventional combat training.

Kick Murder Squad Package

Kick Murder training emphasises stealth and speed in order to produce Ops who are competent in an assassination and subterfuge role. Kick Murder Ops are well trained in martial arts and close combat, making their kills close up and unseen. As well as close assassination, Kick Murder Ops are deployed in infiltration roles, sneaking into hostile locations, completing their objective, then withdrawing without the enemy realising they were there.

Investigation and Interrogation Package

Investigation Ops specialise in undercover and intelligence work. They are trained in detective work, analysing events after the fact, finding the truth among all the facts, coaxing information out of suspects and informants. Investigators are usually streetwise, knowing how to deal with difficult civilians and able to blend in amongst them in order to subtley gather intelligence.

Medical Package

The Medical Package trains Ops in a variety of medical and forensic techniques. Able to administer combat first-aid and even battlefield surgery, as well as being trained in psychology and pathology, they can be extremely useful members of any squad. Medical Package trained Ops also have exclusive access to the SLA medicla database via an Oyster computer.

Mechanics Package

Mechanics is a slightly misleading name for a package that covers all things technical. Mechanics trained Ops are competent in vehicle and machinery repair, electrical and electronics, and computer based security and hacking. Most Mechanics Ops will tend to specialise in one or two fields because of the amount of knowledge required to master them, but can be very useful in any technological problem.

Piloting and Navigation Package

Pilot trained Ops are capable of driving any vehicle in SLA's arsenal, from small sports motorbikes, to massive Linebacker tanks, to heavily armed Kilcopter gunships. Additionally, Pilot Ops have a rudimentary knowledge of vehicle systems and repair, and are well trained in map-reading and the use of navigation aids - a skill not to be overlooked in the labyrinthine alleyways of downtown.

Business Package

Business trained Ops are often overlooked as squad members in favour of combat trained Ops, but those who know them also know the massive benefit they can bring to a squad. A Business Op is skilled in corporate bureaucracy and etiquette, finances and media relations. Business Ops can be relied on to find the right channels within SLA to gain access to required information, or even pull in help from other agencies. In addition to this Business Ops often play combat financier, cutting through the red tape to net their squad juicier BPNs without the hassle of waiting all day in the BPN hall. They can negotiate sponsorship deals, handle stocks and shares, and push up credit rewards from missions for their squad. Business Operatives are issued a trading license on completion of their training with which to deal on the stock market.

Strike Squad Package

The Strike Squad training package is the standard infantry training of SLA troops. It prepares an Operative for all aspects of combat, from driving jeeps to issuing combat first aid. In a way a jack-of-all-trades, but it could be said that Strike Ops have the most solid basic training from which they can specialise in almost anything and still have the basic skills to survive and fight.

Scouting Package

Scout Ops are the eyes of any squad. Hidden away, ahead of or above the main squad, they pick out enemies and potential hostiles as targets for the combat Ops, and watch their backs while they go about their business. Scout Ops make excellent snipers due to their positioning and stealth, and are trained as such. Scouts are also the only package who are trained to be able to assimilate the information supplied by the highly coveted Scout Helmet - most untrained Ops who try one on feel sick from the barrage of light and sound it feeds them.

Media Package

Media trained Ops are relatively new, with the first classes passing out only last year. They are highly sought after by aspiring Contract Killers because of their contacts and media savvy, helping get their squad good coverage from the TV channels and sometimes playing the role of combat cameraman. Media Ops have a direct link to 'control' at Third Eye through their camera, and as such are able to call in media support far quicker than normal Ops would be able to.

  • Cinematography (KNOW)
  • Interview (CHA)
  • Communique (CHA)
  • Literacy (KNOW)
  • SLA Info (KNOW)
  • Streetwise (KNOW)

Point Package

The Point training package represents a response to perceived flaws in the current classes of training available to Operatives. The current Scout package produces a fine sniper and advance scout, but one who is woefully unsuited to the realities of urban reconnaissance. Urban Reconnaissance involves several criteria, including area awareness, finely honed interpersonal skills and the ability to function with a minimum of bulky technological equipment. The Point trained operative is expected to possess an exacting knowledge of Downtown, combined with the social and urban etiquette skills necessary to function amongst the gangs, cults, props and soft companies that make Downtown their homes. The Point package is taught at Meny as of 901 SD, and the first Point operatives hit the streets of Mort in 902 SD. SLA Industries' Evaluation personnel are currently working hard to determine the effectiveness of the program, and Point personnel and their associates are encouraged to submit reports to Meny for examination.

  • Streetwise (KNOW)
  • Sneak (DEX)
  • Rival Company (KNOW)
  • Persuasion (CHA)
  • Disguise (CHA)
  • Detect (CONC)

Sabotage Package

Another new training package to come out of Meny this year is the Sabotage package. Sabotage trained Ops are experts in all forms of demolitions, including explosives and detonators. Sabotage Ops are not only called upon to disarm explosive devices, but also are used when something requires blowing up. Indeed, Sabotage Ops are the only Operatives on Mort licensed to use explosives.

  • Demolitions
  • Demolitions Disposal
  • Rival Company Info
  • Electronics, Industrial
  • Electronics, Repair
  • SLA Info

Electronic Warfare Package

The e-war Op is able to utilise a range of equipment designed to give him and his squad the edge agains opponents. EMP grenades will damage enemy sensory equipment like radar and motion trackers, IR flares and laser strobes can effectively blind opponents by overloading their optics, and spoof signal generators can cause conflicting information. The e-war Op's ECM suite is a reality overlay device that can be fitted into a helmet or worn as a monocle. Linked to a micro Guava-Half 'Shock-Core' processing unit it can assimilate data from up to 64 sources such as cameras, microphones, and motion tracker buoys, and disseminate it over the comnet to linked tactical overlays worn by other squad members. In addition, the Shock-Core processor has a wireless capability combined with a package of negotiation and brute force software designed to help the e-war Op hack into nearby networks and break encryption. Using the device the Op can break enemy comnets, listening in to their tactical chatter and passing it to their squad, or hack into building security networks, taking camera images and controlling entry systems.

  • Computer Use
  • Computer Subterfuge
  • Electronic Locks
  • Tactics
  • Detect
  • Rival Company Info

Sector Ranger Package

The Sector Ranger package was originally designed for the personnel who were assigned search and rescue roles in the Cannibal Sectors, and offered to hand-picked Operative trainees who would then be filtered off to the Ranger programme. However, with Operatives called upon more and more often to venture into these hostile environments the package has opened up to all entrants. It is a tough course, and it isn't uncommon for trainees to be killed during training, but those who complete the package are in great demand in Mort. Many Ranger Ops hire out their skills freelance to other squads who have a BPN that will take them to the cannibal sectors, as they will increase the squad's chances of survival there greatly.

  • Blade, 1-H (STR)
  • Pistol (DEX)
  • Rifle (DEX)
  • Rival Company (KNOW)
  • Survival (KNOW)
  • Unarmed Combat (STR)


Operatives take jobs from SLA in the form of Blueprint News Files, or BPNs. A BPN is issued on a ticket that follows a set format, outlining the pay, job type, coverage, issuing department, and of course a description of the mission. BPNs are colour coded to give Operatives an outline of the mission type and if they're lucky or have a good financier they'll get a choice of colour.


Blue BPNs are generally the first type an Op will encounter. Blues are street mainenance missions - generally clearing pests from the sewers, supporting maintenance workers, and suppressing civilian unrest. Blues are certainly considered the bottom of the barrel, and the low pay and SCL increase reflects this. Most Ops will have to grind through many Blues before proving their worth on more important missions.


Yellow BPNs are retrieval missions. They are relatively low in pay and SCL increase, and involve the recovery of SLA property or personnel. Yellows are not always as straightforward as they may seem - recovering stolen equipment from thieves is easy, but recovering an errant employee who doesn't want to be found is considerably more difficult.


Red 'alert' BPNs are emergency issues. They are created and distributed within minutes and are expected to be carried out with equal haste. A squad picking up a Red BPN will be expected to respond immediately to an event that is taking place at that very moment. Generally these missions are close to the BPN hall where they are issued, but it is not uncommon for a squad to receive transport by APC or Kilcopter.


Silver BPNs are media operations. Not very common, but highly sought after by squads who aspire to be Contract Killers. Silvers are often used for propaganda and public relations and as such are very rarely issued at random in BPN halls. They will generally get the squad some level of TV coverage, and although they aren't the best paid BPNs they can bring in far more gain through sponsorship coverage.


White BPNs are investigations. Highly paid and with a good SCL increase, investigation missions are often long-winded and complex, requiring a good set of skills and some lateral thinking by the Ops. Many Whites remain open for some time before the assigned squad has to hand the BPN back in failure, and some are never closed.


Jade BPNs are Ebon related missions. From retrieval of Ebb related artifacts, to investigation into cults, to personally issued errands from Necanthropes. Jades are rarely issued to squads without at least one Ebon or Brain Waster, and are a double edged sword as a curious Ebon could find out valuable information to advance their knowledge of the Ebb or dangerous secrets that could put them at risk.


Green BPNs are expeditionary missions. These missions can take the squad anywhere in the World of Progress where their skills may be needed, from the Cannibal Sectors to distant planets. Recovery, reconnaisance, intelligence, investigation - Green missions can be of any type, but will always take the Ops outside of their familiar surroundings.


Grey BPNs are issued by Cloak Division for internal corporate tasks. Greys will generally involve a lot of interaction with other SLA employees, often of a higher SCL than the Ops, and a good knowledge of corporate bureaucracy is recommended. Often complex, Greys require tact and good judgement as making a mistake with important SLA assets and personnel can land a squad in a lot of trouble.


Black BPNs are suicide missions. That's not to say that a squad taking a Black is guaranteed to die, rather that SLA do not expect them to survive. Should the squad return from a Black BPN they will be very well rewarded, and veterans of suicide missions are held in high regard by other Ops and indeed the public. Blacks are only issued on request.


Platinum BPNs are specially issued by Head Office for particularly sensitive missions. They cannot be requested, and it would probably be unwise to refuse. There is no set payment or SCL increase for these missions, but it can be safe to assume that anyone completing a Platinum will be well rewarded.