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SLA Industries is an urban horror roleplaying game set in dark futuristic universe called the World of Progress. The World of Progress spans thousands of worlds, most of which are ruled by the ubiquitous SLA Industries. SLA Industries is a giant megacorporation, the virtually unchallenged power in the World of Progress. Players play the part of Operatives - freelance agents who take jobs from SLA to protect the public and the company.

Information on the world in which the game is set.

Information on the characters the players will play along with the information regarding the colour codes of BPNs and the types of mission they represent.

Step-by-step guide to creating your character.

Additional GM created equipment, as well as stories, quotes, and other things that paint a picture of life in SLA.

Custom rules designed by the GM.

The story so far of squad Five Punk.

Life inside Darknight - under construction

A step by step guide to the combat system.

What characters do when they're not on BPNs.

Equipment for your characters to obsess over.


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