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An introduction to 5punk

Posted: November 26th, 2006, 16:24
by Dog Pants
As a new member of 5punk you should take the time to introduce yourself, but first let me introduce you to us.

5punk is a gaming community. By community I mean a collection of like-minded people, and most certainly not a clan. This distinction allows us to be friendly, non-competitive and open to all.

5punk was created by Woo Elephant Yeah in order to be such a gaming community. Originally it was aimed towards boarders from, and although 5punk now draws from a wider audience the sense of humour and theme of B3ta still prevails.

Essentially everything comes together to form a place for mature, good-natured gamers to gather and discuss common interests. That isn't to say that members must be older, only that a mature attitude is preferred - although don't mistake maturity for seriousness.

Unlike most forums there are no rules as such for 5punkers - post what you like, go off-topic, be creative. There are a few things that won't be tolerated, but it's really common sense. Basically, keep it safe for work and don't be abusive.

A few things to bear in mind while posting on 5punk:
Try and make your posts legible. Obviously not everyone has a master's degree in English, and not everyone speaks English as a first language, but taking time to read your posts is a good way to avoid writing gibberish.
On a similar note, don't post like you're writing a text message. It gives old farts like myself a headache trying to decipher them and that will detract from the point of your post.
Feel free to jump in and add to discussions. This is an open forum and everybody is equal here, whether they've made 3000 posts and they signed up in the first days of the site, or whether it's their second post.
Have a sense of humour. There are probably more silly posts on 5punk than serious ones, and no thread is safe. If you're trying to make a serious point and people joke about it don't take it personally, it's just how 5punkers are. Similarly, if someone takes the piss out of you take it as a friendly jibe rather than a personal attack.

Hopefully this has provided a little insight into the general atmosphere of the site. Post a quick hello in this forum and allow the 5punkers to show you what I mean as only they can.

Dog Pants

Site Moderator